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Chicago Style Rub Out Rub™

Bugsy's Kosher Nostra™

Cookin' the Books™

On the Lamb™

Soften 'Em Up™

With the Fishes™

Rib Racket™

The Spice Outfit Gift Set

Mauling Spice™

Gift Set

Take 'em down one at a time or take over the entire family of The Spice Outfit's Chicago-Style rubs and seasonings.

The Spice Outfit Chicago features gourmet meat rubs and blends created from recipes found in Capone’s secret vault (the other one). Each of our seasonings is a blend of the finest herbs and spices money can bribe. Rub ’em in, rub ’em on, rub ’em out. Try ’em all, but do it soon — life’s short.



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